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Aging in Place - Make your house a home


We are Certified Aging in Place specialist with the National Association of Home Builders, which means we help seniors stay safely and longer in their homes, by modifying the home to their needs.



What is Aging in Place;
Tips To Help You Modify Your Home;
What Optimum can do to help seniors stay in their homes;
What you as a senior can do to safely live in your home;


 In May 2015, having successfully completed the requirements established by the National Association of Home Builders, Anamaria has received the Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist ( CAPS ) designation.


What is Aging in Place?
Aging in place means remaining in one's home safely, independently and comfortably, regardless of age, income or ability level. It means the pleasure of living in a familiar environment throughout one's maturing years and the ability to enjoy the familiar daily rituals and the special events that enrich all our lives. It means the reassurance of being able to call a house a "home" for a lifetime.


How Long Do You Plan To Live In Your Current Home?


If you are like the majority of Americans over the age of 45, you want to continue living in a familiar environment, throughout your maturing years. According to the AARP, older home owners overwhelmingly prefer to age-in-place, which means living in your home safely, independently and comfortably, regardless of age or ability level.


How Should You Modify Your Home To Make It More Comfortable?

To age in place, you will probably need to modify your house as you get older to increase access and maneuverability. These modifications range from the installing bath and shower grab bars, lower light switches,  and adjusting counter top heights to the creating multi functional first floor master suites and adding private elevators.


 Tips To Help You Modify Your Home:
Figure out how much money you have to spend on the home modification project;
Seek referrals from friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and others who have had similar work done;
Contact a trade association such as your area's local Home Builder's Association;
Verify the remodeler has the appropriate license(s) in your state;
Ask your professional remodeler for a written estimate of the work to be done based on a set of plans and specifications. Be prepared to pay for this package.
When considering modifying your home, ask yourself:
Am I worried about preventing falls?
How can I make my kitchen more functional?
Do I want to add a bathroom and possibly a bedroom to the main level?
How much money can I budget for this project?
Will I need to get a loan?
Will other members of my family benefit from modifications?
Will remodeling increase the energy efficiency of my home?


"We are dedicated to helping older adults improve their quality of life in their homes. Being able to stay in their homes and continuing to be involved in social activities, with family, friends, neighbors, has its health benefits".
( Anamaria )


"Aging in place also helps protect social connections. Social isolation is a major problem among the elderly, and relationships that are found in a community are important to maintain throughout life. Aging in place allows people to better maintain their social relationships. In a recent AARP survey, 41 percent of those who want to remain in their community stated that their primary reason for staying was their friends, followed by family, safety from crime, and a pleasant neighborhood/community.

In addition to preventing social isolation, allowing older people to stay involved in their communities has been found to have health benefits. Civic engagement and volunteering can reduce mortality; increase physical function, muscular strength, and levels of self-rated health; reduce symptoms of depression and pain; and increase life expectancy".

Our goal is to help them with modest modifications to conveniently and safely maintain their independence. We recommend and install only the highest quality and most trusted products.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), one-third of Americans age 65 and over fall each year. The CDC adds that environmental factors lead to about half of all falls that occur at home. In addition to tripping hazards and poor lighting, these factors include a lack of needed modifications, such as bathroom grab bars, handicapped showers, stair railings and ramps. 

Home modifications help seniors maintain quality of life. They often prevent injuries that lead to a loss of independence and early admission to an assisted living or long-term care facility.


We, at Optimum Contracting Solutions can help you with the following modifications:


Install grab bars for toilets and tubs and install a walk-in tub and/or tub seat.

Replace doorknobs with lever door handles.
Replace standard light switches with rocker-style switches.
Install lighted switches in bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways.
Install light switches at 42" from floor and electrical outlets 15"- 18" from floor.
Increase the width of doorways and hallways to accommodate wheelchairs and, where possible, lower sinks and counter tops.
Repair or replace loose handrails and install adequate lighting in stairways.
Install an elevator or chair lift.
Install an elevated dishwasher or one with drawers for easy access.
Replace old stoves with induction cook tops to help prevent burns.
Replace ceramic tile floors with hardwood or vinyl for safe standing.
Make room for knee space under sink and vanity for better access if in a wheelchair.
Install flashing porch light.



What you as a senior can do to live safely in your home:

Remove unnecessary throw rugs and fasten down rugs or floor runners to prevent slipping;
Move furniture to create clear walking paths;
Keep objects off the floor and coil or secure cords to the wall to prevent tripping;
Apply non-slip tape on uncarpeted indoor and outdoor steps;
Move often-used items to lower cabinets to avoid the need for step stools;
Buy electric cook tops with front controls;
Buy a raised dishwasher;
Buy side by side refrigerator/freezer with adjustable upper shelves and pull-out lower shelves, or a freezer drawer on the bottom;
Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors;



“A house is a home when it shelters the body and comforts the soul.”

Anamaria is also a licensed Realtor with the "Senior Real Estate Specialist" Designation, which means she went through special training and education to help seniors with real estate transactions. She has been helping the 65+ young with real estate transactions, whether selling the family home, downsizing, or buying a second home.  

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